30-2 Assignment 7.M and some help…

Here is the assignment sheet if you’ve lost yours:

(7.M) Prisoner’s Journal Night 30-2

These are reworded versions of the outcomes on the assignment sheet.  Please review these if you are having trouble with the ones on the sheet.

1.2.2 a. think about what you like in stories, think about what has led you to feel this way, and choose ways to gain interest in other stories and writers.

2.1.2 d. explain the personality of characters from the novel

2.1.2 e. relate the writers beliefs to how he has written the novel

2.3.1 a. identify the beliefs present in the novel and think about how your perspectives change as you study the novel

2.3.1 c. explain how the choices of characters in the novel relate to my own choices.

2.3.1 d. respond to the culture and society presented in the novel.

9.5 Homework for the Weekend

Hello everyone,

I felt I should formalize the expectations for the homework that was given in class today. Here is what I am expecting for Monday:

  • list 3 different true stories you could tell for the narrative essay assignment.
  • for each story, describe the meaning that this story would have, and what it would highlight about your life.
  • Choose one of the summaries to share in class on Monday, it does not have to be the best one, or the one you are going to choose, but you should be able to discuss what the meaning is that it has.
  • Be prepared to hand in your work.