30-2 Assignment 7.M and some help…

Here is the assignment sheet if you’ve lost yours:

(7.M) Prisoner’s Journal Night 30-2

These are reworded versions of the outcomes on the assignment sheet.  Please review these if you are having trouble with the ones on the sheet.

1.2.2 a. think about what you like in stories, think about what has led you to feel this way, and choose ways to gain interest in other stories and writers.

2.1.2 d. explain the personality of characters from the novel

2.1.2 e. relate the writers beliefs to how he has written the novel

2.3.1 a. identify the beliefs present in the novel and think about how your perspectives change as you study the novel

2.3.1 c. explain how the choices of characters in the novel relate to my own choices.

2.3.1 d. respond to the culture and society presented in the novel.


One thought on “30-2 Assignment 7.M and some help…

  1. It’s not only traumatic experiences that can affect your morality, it’s any experiences. In this book “night” however it’s all about traumatic experiences. Elie’s father is the one that relates to these experiences the most. The first time anything traumatic happens was when everyone got locked out of thier normal lives. Then they were sent off to concentration camps. The dater being the strong one in the family tries to hold him self and others together. Not only did the father watch all of his brothers and sisters die, everyone did. Watching others die can really change a persons principles. Elie’s dad tried protecting the family for as long as he could. By doing this he had no more energy left to help. I believe traumatic experiences can affect/change peole’s morality. Elie’s father was suffering from way to many traumatic experiences. This is why I think he just started giving up. Some times people go way beyond thier breaking points but they still keep fighting. The father was that case in this book. It was to bad he had to die in the last chapter.

    Moshe the Beadle is another person that went through a lot of suffering because of his traumatic experiences. In the begining of the book he tries to tell everyone that he’s seen a group of Jewish people shot and killed in the forest. Only some believed him but most did not. He told lots of stories/theory but still people did not listen. I think after trying to tell everyone about what was going to happen, he started to go crazy. Woundering if his mind was not playing tricks on him because know one was listening to him. A traumatic experiences can come from anything in a person’s life. In this case it was when moshe watched all those people die and tried to tell everyone but know one believed him. His personality and perspective on life changed because he thought he was going crazy.

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