30-2 Introduction to Night (Adolf Eichmann)

Today we completed a historical character study based on Adolph Eichmann.  Adolph was a ranking official in Germany under Adolf Hitler, and was responsible for dealing with the ‘Jewish problem.’  Students were asked to review the biographies and information available on Eichmann in class, and then take the events, source documents and decisions Eichmann made to create a character sketch of what type of personality he may have had.  After the research was complete, we had a discussion about Eichmann, giving us some context of one of the key individuals of the Holocaust.

9.5 The Highwayman Recording Assignment

Hello everyone!

I’m back on here, and we’ll jump right into the content.  I have attached below the assignment sheet including the marking guide for “The Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes.  Please read through the poem if you have not already done so and continue to rehearse the section to which you have been assigned.  We will be recording on Tuesday.  Enjoy your long weekend!

Mr. K

4.1 Highwayman Reading 9.5

30-2 Assignments 5.1 (What Dreams May Come) & 5.M (Poem Writing)

Please respond to and submit the responses to the following questions for What Dreams May Come.

  1. What did you notice about the use of colour in this film?  How did it help create the message of the story?
  2. In a paragraph, discuss why this story had to be told out of order.  Provide examples to support your ideas.

Also, here is the digital copy of the 5.M poetry writing assignment:

5.M Modern Poetry Study 30-2

30-2 Weekend Assignment

Please review this last week in class and decide how you would prefer to continue completing assignments in class.  Offer your opinions as a reply to this post.  You may choose to continue with the song and lyrics assignment, or formal analysis using TP-CASTT.  Please provide thorough reasons for your perspective.

30-2 Poetry Study Day

Hello everyone,

Our task for today and is to complete an analysis of the four poems we found as a class, please follow the instructions given in class carefully.  An assignment sheet will be posted later today.  Here are the links to the four poems for study.

Road Trippin’




Hurt (by Nine Inch Nails, covered by Johnny Cash


Drive Thru