9.5 Jigsaw Discussion

Good Morning 9.5!

This morning we will be doing a jigsaw discussion about chapters 9-10.  It will work like this:

You will break into 4 groups of six members each.

In each group you will discuss your assigned topic from the list below, and create a list of points related to your topic.  Once the lists have been made, everyone from your section will break out and share what you came up with in different groups.

The four topics for discussion are:

  1. Plot
  2. Character
  3. Setting
  4. Theme

30-2 Assign 1.3 Blog Post 2/3 Short Film Analysis

Good Morning,

This afternoon, we will be looking at the Radio Drama you studied yesterday, and discussing your responses to that media work.  After our discussion, some of you may wish to edit your paragraphs in your work time toward the end of the period, and many of you will wan to carry on to your second blog post based on the short film we are studying today.

Your second blog post:

Reviewing the film Inside that you have been given, come up with a list of ways in which the director is manipulating us as the audience.  This story works so well because of what we don’t know, but does the director ‘cheat’ by not telling the story ‘properly’ to keep his secret?  Find as much support as you can for what you believe to be the case.  Discuss and clarify the ideas in this film with a partner to figure out as many ways as possible (thinking of visual, auditory, character and other traits) that the director creates the message through changing what we expect.

As with the last post, you should be writing in proper paragraph format, with SPECIFIC examples.

If you need to access this film from home, it is on YouTube.  Search “Inside Short Film”

30-2 Assign 1.3 Blog Post 1/3 Radio Drama

Good Morning!

Today you will be listening to a short radio drama from the BBC.  It has been pre-loaded on your iPods for you to listen to and review as necessary.  You will respond to this radio drama as a comment below, making sure you carefully respond to the topic:

Considering what we know about media, and what you think the author’s intent was in creating this radio play, provide a list of ways to create an effective radio drama.  (you have to decide what is effective, if you didn’t like this one, what would make it better? If you did, what worked for you?)

Your response should be in proper paragraph form (Introduce topic, give your ideas, conclude effectively)

This blog assignment will be one of several I will have you complete during the unit.  I will provide you with a mark for each entry, but I will only count the best entry for marks.  You must complete all entries to get your final mark.

I will add the assignment rubric to this post shortly.