30-2 Weekend Assignment

Please review this last week in class and decide how you would prefer to continue completing assignments in class.  Offer your opinions as a reply to this post.  You may choose to continue with the song and lyrics assignment, or formal analysis using TP-CASTT.  Please provide thorough reasons for your perspective.


6 thoughts on “30-2 Weekend Assignment

  1. I would like to think that making the song and lyrics assignment gets people more involved with what we’re learning. Also I’d like to say, I dont believe the whole entire class had lead you to choose the formal analysis. I dont think its very fair to punish us all. Although there was some trouble getting attention, I believe the notes we took today really told them to smarten up. The song and lyrics assignment is way more intriguing than the other assignment. I know that our class is pretty rude at times and just generally loud, but I think we do really try in the end, and i believe in the students to prove you wrong about this assignment.

  2. I think that it would be a good idea to keep making the song that we were going to do. i think that it would be good for us to keep on makeing the song because when we are going to be making it we will be using a part of brain that we don’t use to much and it will challenge to use that part of the brain we don’t use to often. we will be able to think more and be able to see different ways on learning poetry and it will be good for us because each year we have learned about poetry and all that kind of stuff we have done notes soif we did this song we will be coming from a different perspective than doing notes and it will make us think about what to do and i think it would just be a good chance on learning something new.

  3. I personally think that we should do the song assignment, because wouldnt it be the first time that the class has done an assignment together? It would be much more fun to do a song as a class than to do an essay on poetry, i really like the idea that the whole class can work together to make an awesome song. It’ll be a fun learning experience for everyone.

  4. I think that it would be a good idea to keep doing the song. I believe it would because music is something that we all listen too. It is different way to look at poetry and is something that can get the whole class involved in. It would be way more fun than taking notes and working by our selfs. I don’t learn from that. If we do something like this as a class I can work much better because everyone can help people out with their part and be able to share their ideas as a group. It might not sound super amazing but it is way better than doing notes and projects on our own and it would be something new to that we learn.

  5. i definetly think that we should continue with this song for a couple reasons. 1. we have a lot of musical talent in our class. (why put that to waste) 2. we have chosen some great songs and poems and i have learned more this will then the other way. (taking notes and such) 3. Mr.Keenan you strive to be a different teacher in the way you have i pod touches for us, mac labs, and a wierd over head projector that you actually use. So… why go on be like the other classes? it makes no sense.

  6. I think we should stay with the song idea. We just need a little time to work on it. We had lots of time already but are class is never all here.

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