30-2 Assign 1.3 Blog Post 2/3 Short Film Analysis

Good Morning,

This afternoon, we will be looking at the Radio Drama you studied yesterday, and discussing your responses to that media work.  After our discussion, some of you may wish to edit your paragraphs in your work time toward the end of the period, and many of you will wan to carry on to your second blog post based on the short film we are studying today.

Your second blog post:

Reviewing the film Inside that you have been given, come up with a list of ways in which the director is manipulating us as the audience.  This story works so well because of what we don’t know, but does the director ‘cheat’ by not telling the story ‘properly’ to keep his secret?  Find as much support as you can for what you believe to be the case.  Discuss and clarify the ideas in this film with a partner to figure out as many ways as possible (thinking of visual, auditory, character and other traits) that the director creates the message through changing what we expect.

As with the last post, you should be writing in proper paragraph format, with SPECIFIC examples.

If you need to access this film from home, it is on YouTube.  Search “Inside Short Film”


8 thoughts on “30-2 Assign 1.3 Blog Post 2/3 Short Film Analysis

  1. Me and Mitch watched the the movie inside and have come to think that this guy is insane and one of his many personalities is the female doctor. I believe she was created too help his multiple personality disorder so when she sits down and start talking it’s like she is the doctor but she isn’t. And the real doctor is the man. Also when you see the light flash by the window it’s like he has gained control of himself.

  2. Inside was a very weird and twisted story, Daniel had many personalities and to me they represented each of his personalities, he had a crazy, lazy, angry, sad, and manipulating personalities. This short film was very miss leading and confusing, Daniel is being controlled from all these different personalities because he has schizophrenia, Daniel is sitting at the table talking to a doctor I had no idea she wasn’t real and did not know that she was part of his personality, Daniel uses her personality to deceive one of the doctors he is actually talking too, as the doctor is asking Daniel the questions all of his personalities disappear and only the doctor personality stays. I personally think he was in there far to long that his schizophrenia worsened and caused him to make up the doctor personality so he can get out of the mental institution.

  3. As you watch the film inside you realize that the main character person has a multiple personality disorder. When you are watching the film the director is showing use as views of the film all of the different kind people and things that the main person has going on in his head. When the director was putting all of the people into the room he/she wanted use to see what kind of stuff is happening and all of the different types of people that are taking control of this person. When the main person was sitting there talking to the doctor person you saw all different sides tying to answer the doctor out of this one body. You could see that the doctor was trying to help him by trying to get the voices under control that where in his head so that he would be able to get out and go into the world instead of being stuck in that hospital. You see the doctor yell at the people/voices in this guys head she was yelling at them so that all of them would work together so that the main character would have a chance on getting out. The role that doctor was playing in this persons life was that she was trying to find away to calm down everything that is happening in his mind and make him more calm so not so many things are happening in his head. When the main person was walking down the hall to go and see the doctor person you see all of these voices/people come out and start to attack him. My thought is that these people who surround him aren’t really they are just made up to give the people who ware going to watch the film a better description of what is going on is head so that the viewer will be able to contact with the main person a little better. At the end of film you see this other person come into the room and start asking him questions and you see that all of voices in his head are all calm down and he is doing better than he was before he entered the room.

  4. The short film call “Inside was very good in that it lead you into the story wondering what was happening. But I believe that the director cheated in that he didn’t really tell what was wrong with him and you had to figure out what was wrong. I think that he takes peoples personality and they control him to say and do things that his personality won’t him. Also all the personalities in his mind are different in that some are tough and want to get out of the place and the others are like confusing what they did wrong. This caused the person in the short film to keep switching between characters and how he acted to the doctor. I think this happened to him by that when people meet him, he takes their personality and that is why they are in his head. The change of characters inside the main character was an effect way of keeping the audience watching and enjoying the film. The use of different camera angles in the film was good. I thought that the one when he is walking done the hall and changing side to side show the different people in his head. Also the other angle I thought was good was the one where it showed the characters face and it slowly turn to show the people that was in his mind. These are reason why this caused a good film to watch and how I enjoyed it.

  5. The short film was very interesting but it took me a few times to watch it to actually understand it. The twist to the movie was when we found out that the lady doctor/psychologist was just another one of Daniel’s multiple personalities. This guy was skitsopraneak and had multiple personalties of anger, vulnerability, humor, innocence, lazy, calming, dumb, smart, and negative. The director uses close-ups to show when he changes his personality. And when he was in the room talking to the lady doctor, he found a way to control his mind by focussing on his personality of a controlling doctor. The author made us believe that Daniel was a crazy person when all it was was just a condition that wasnt his fault.

  6. This short film worked so well because the director manipulated us, as the audience in so many ways. First off you see someone in an insane asylum, its a really dark place and the lights keeps flickering on and off. Despite that this guy is crazy, but i personally think that how the lighting was portrayed in the loony bin shows that the asylum was crazy itself in a way, it really sets that dark and scary mood you would expect in this film. The director shows the patient being escorted down the hall towards the evaluation room, as he’s walking down he makes us notice that the patient has multiple personalties, and they are literally walking around him towards the evaluation room. This makes us realize that he suffers from Schizophrenia, and that once he gets in the evaluation room he can potentially do something crazy, foreshadowing in a way. As he’s being escorted down the dark, long and narrow hallway of the asylum, there is a frequent change of lighting that briefly shows each one of his personalties. Once he enters the evaluation room, he gets questioned from one of the doctors sitting down, the patient responds to the questions of course but however there are multiple responses for each question, each of the responses are from a different personality the patient has, the director uses a lot of close up shots to portray each personality. I personally believe that the director did a fantastic job filming this film simply because of the camera shots/angles, and the lighting.

  7. I very much enjoyed this short film, it was interesting and intriguing. i have a fascination with movies that make you think and this despite its length was still very good. it seemed like a normal movie up until the part with the doctor yelling at all the different personalities. How could someone do that without being in the head of the person themselves. i have to agree with Amanda in that being in the institute for to long made his problem worse and through the weeks of being helped by the doctors instead he just built another personality to get released. Starting with the dark way of the film, lights flickering and the people changing as Daniel walks to the “doctors” office. in the beginning its just 4 or 5 people behind Daniel observing or being rehabilitated with the help of a doctor. but as it unfolds more and more people come out from the shadows and its gets louder and even more crowded until the Doctors tells them to stop. they take order and disappear allowing Daniel to make contact with the doctor and figure out who he is again. Then another doctor came into the room, another hint at the doctor in his head that he created that through the first time i watching i noticed they didn’t even notice each other or acknowledge each others existence. then it reveals that as the doctor starts talking to him and when Daniel responds. its the created doctor in his head that takes over to respond and quite possibly end up leaving after his evaluation.

  8. First of all I would like to say; “Inside” was a brilliant short film, wonderful piece. The author/director of this film had an amazing way of manipulating the audience and creating not only a sense of nervous need to keep watching, but the need for answers, the confusion it brings to the audience is intense. Accomplished by easily not informing the viewer of any part of the story line, and creating a scenario that best fits the story line. The author/director uses real human characters to act along side with the main character instead of using something like voice overs. To eliminate the easy guesses that those voices are voices inside of his head. Trickery. Although I think the author/director trolls you into thinking the elderly women he is talking to is a women trying to get inside of him mind. Which you later find out was nothing but a character that laid inside of his head. Trickery, trickery, trickery. Another great thing about this film is the way that it doesn’t sum up all of information or answer all of the questions, leaving the audience to think about the film long after it has been finished.

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