9.5 “The Painted Door” Journal Response

Hello Grade 9’s,

You will be writing a critical journal response in regards to the short story “The Painted Door”. You will choose one of the following ideas to write about for your journal:

–       Write a diary entry from the perspective of Ann as she tries to cope with the guilt and sadness of losing her husband

–       Write a diary entry from the perspective of John right after he has witnessed his wife in bed with another man

–       Write an epilogue to the story. What happens to Ann and the farm? What happens to Steven?

This is a critical response so I will be marking you on spelling, capitalization, and your sentence structure. So, remember to read it over!


9.5 Journal Response #1 – Relationship Choices

Hello everyone,

I will be reading the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost and you must respond to the poem answering the following questions:

  • Looking at a relationship you have with someone (a friend, a brother or sister, a parent) does their opinion or presence influence the choices you have make in life?
  • Can you think about a relationship you have had where their influence has had a negative impact on (a) decision(s) you had to make?

If you wish to read the poem to help you with your reflection, here is the link for the poem.

The Road Not Taken

The journal entry must be at least one page.