There are many sites that review, collect and rank educational apps based on various criteria.  In order to sort through the clutter, on this page I list some of the sites I have found most valuable, with a brief description of each.  I am also including a collection of blog posts I have written reviewing and collecting apps.




Lisa Johnson is the cofounder of iPadpalooza and a true ‘connected’ educator.  Her blog is a wealth of information about iOS integration, fantastic app suggestions, videos and discussions.  As an added bonus, she has created an iTunes U course and an iPhone app to support your learning.  I have connected with Lisa at the MobiLE conference and FETC



I Education Apps Review

I speak about this site often, because it is a powerful collective site that is created by teachers, for teachers.  Teachers can submit reviews of any app they find valuable to their practice.  One of the most effective aspects of this site is the ability to find apps for various grade levels, subjects and even has apps reviewed by students!  This is an effective community, and one I would encourage you to get involved in!



Kathy Shrock’s Workshop Apps

I had the great pleasure of seeing and meeting Kathy at the FETC conference this year.  She knows the concept of effective pedagogy using iOS devices inside and out, and I really enjoyed hearing about some of the more innovative apps out there.  Kathy speaks with some frequency about iOS apps in education, and her list of workshop apps are some of the most effective and well-used available.  If you wish to explore further on Kathy’s site you will even find methods to review apps and strategies for incorporating iOS into your school.


ipadagogyiPadagogy YouTube Channel

There’s nothing better than seeing a live review of an app you are interested in, and that’s what the iPadagogy channel is all about!  Educators make videos showing the use of an app and discuss the educational value of the app, allowing you to make an informed purchase for your own use of the application.





Educational Applications – the iSchool Initiative

Travis Allen and his group have brought a unique perspective on iOS apps by focusing on the learner’s perspective in advocating the use of mobile devices in education.  Their list is organized by subject, and though it is a little sparse at the moment, does have a description of each app to be reviewed.


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