138 thoughts on “30-2 Shawshank Discussion

    • Down the stairs, there’s a vending machine in the cafeteria. In between these two vending machines, if you place your hand within, you should find a small lever, when you pull it you should hear some clinking, and underneath the machines you should now be able to find enough change to buy a bottle of coke and a bag of skittles.

  1. The way that the lighting is used for the guards (their faces are illuminated, the background is completely black) versus the way that it is used for the inmates (their faces are difficult to see because of the lack of light) helps establish the hierarchy in the prison.

  2. Seeing as not all people are guilty in the prison. There’s also a sign that this film is taking place in a time where society is a little out of place.

  3. These two characters are being developed to be opposites of one another. Look at how they are dressed, one in a shirt that is perfectly buttoned with combed hair, the other in a dirty, undone shirt and a hat. Even their physical appearances reflect how different they are from one another, and the different worlds that they come from.

    • I saw them fighting, and when people fight it tends to end with somebody getting injured, even if they’re just yelling at each other.

    • The movie would be A LOT better if it didn’t have all those f-bombs in it (I really don’t like foul language)! I don’t know about the others, but I REALLY don’t need (or want) such garbage inside my head.

      • It does have alot of language, but it is indicative of the time and place. It sets the context for the world Andy is in. Not the best to hear, but it places him as an ‘outsider’ in this world. The harsher they are, the more noble Andy seems.

  4. It’s very interesting actually if they taught like this a while ago I would have been excited to go to class. An yeah this movie is pretty intense I watch it every Saturday with my dad this is honestly my all time favorite movie besides the land before time

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