English 30-2 Tuesdays With Morrie Topic #7

pages 142 – 170

Morrie says, “Tell you what.  After I’m dead, you talk.  And I’ll listen.” (page 170)

Discuss the two ways this is a difficulty for Mitch.  How would this be difficult for you?

12 thoughts on “English 30-2 Tuesdays With Morrie Topic #7

  1. Well
    being the one that lisens is easy for me
    good lisener but I am not the best speaker I would have problems
    taking over
    task of being a speaker

  2. This could be hard for Mitch because he may not have anyone that he will be able to tell his problems to when he is dead. And when morrie dies Mitch will be talking to a dead body and no one will answer back to him if he reAlly needs an answer
    in life. It would feel a little weird to me if someone told me that bcasue it would be a little weird to go to
    someones grave And sit there and talk to this person like they are
    living and you really won’t be getting anything out of the dead person because they are kind of having a long nap and won’t wake up anytime
    soon. So I think it would be a little difficult going to someones grave want answers and not really getting any.

  3. Talking to morrie when he’s dead can be a huge difficulty. Beacause Mitch never really had his problems to talk about, he just had questions. And morrie always had an answer for everything. Doesn’t matter what the topic was, morrie had an opinion no matter what. He spoke from his experience, And what he thinks. He always had the right answer. And going to morrie to talk about whatever came to Mitchs mind an get the answer he’d be looking for would be extra difficult because he wouldn’t be able to hear what Morrie had to say. I guess in a way, if Mitch thought hard enough, he could predict what Morrie would have said. And he would hear his voice in his head and make it more believeable.

    This would be difficult for me because I like to hear someone elses opinion and to tell me the answer I’m looking for. Rather than me visiting the grave and pretending he’s talking to me. It’s just too difficult

    • That is a really good point on visting the grave and pretanting to listen this person it would be Hard because no one will be answerig back and you just talking to nothing baicly.

    • True that all Mitch had were questions he had. So what Mitch needs then is answer from Morrie which would not help if he is dead.

  4. This would be difficult for Mitch to see his mentor dead. A person you look up too you would think could last forever and nothing bad could happen. Going to a grave yard would would be one of he hardess thing to do because you are adimiting that he is dead and not coming back. Losing a loved one is one of the hardess things in life. It would be difficult to me because that would be the one person I look up to and ask questions about life. Death is just one of those things that happen and there is nothing you can do about but love them.

  5. It’s gonna be difficult for Mitch to deal with the fact that Morrie will be gone forever, I think it’s gonna be more difficult for him to go to his grave every Tuesday to talk to his corpse hoping to get answers. Even tho in real life morrie has passed away, in mitch’s heart he will always be alive in a way. Whenever Mitch goes to his grave to talk about his problems, he Will want some answers. although physically that’s impossible to get answers from someone who is dead, I think that morrie meant to say to Mitch is that each time he goes to his grave to get solutions to his problems, is to ask himself ” what would morrie do?” or ” what would morrie say in a situation like this?”.

  6. Morrie saying `After i`m dead , you talk. And i`ll listen,` this must have been so difficult for Mitch, hearing the actual words from Morrie would be so heart breaking. Morrie was a mentor to Mitch, and without him it will be very difficult to get his mind off all the questions that consume his mind. If i were in Mitch`s position I know I would not handle it so well, knowing someone who was always there to listen is gone, and all you have left is a tombstone to talk to, it would not be easy to come to except the fact that they are gone, some one you loved unconditionally and their gone just like that.

  7. My opinion is he would be uncomfortable because he wouldn’t be able to handle his coach’s death and yet he is expected to deal with his own which would be even harder without anyone to talk to like he did for morrie. He us having a hard time seeing morrie like this and doesn’t know how to deal with what might happen to him. Hearing morrie speak the words “when i’m dead, you talk and I’ll listen” must have been almost heartbreaking to hear from his friends since he wasn’t ready for the death to begin with and to hear those words made it all the more difficult yet more prepared for the events to come.

  8. that will be hard for mitch because morrie was a good mentor to mitch and when morrie die mitch gonna be alone no mentor to give answer to his question or mabye mitch gonna come the mentor when morrie leave him mabye his the who gonna answer people question .

  9. This can be difficult for Mitch for two reasons. First Mitch will be talking to a dead man. Second how can Morrie listen when he’s dead. This would be difdicult for me because I would need to talk to somone that can atleast reply when I ask a question. Also I would feel stupid talking to myself if no one is listening.

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