30-2 Adjustment 1.1 & 1.2

Based on the difficulties experienced by the class, the due date for assignment 1.1 & 1.2 has been extended to Feb 22.  This is a FINAL due date, and we will be moving forward in the course from this point.  I will also be completing a redesign of the Media unit from this point forward and we will begin with the new unit on the Monday returning


9.5 Assignment 4.1 Teach a Term Presentation

Good morning everyone!  Here is your assignment for the day.  You will have class time today to start reading Chapters 1 & 2, and working on your first assignment of the unit.  You will prepare a lesson for and teach the class about a vocabulary word or grammatical concept you have found in the novel Swallowing Stones.  We will discuss the expectations further in class, but the assignment sheet is here:  4.1 Teach A Term Assignment (9.5)

9.5 Beginning Swallowing Stones

Today we took a look at the cover of Swallowing Stones, and did some discussion around our expectations for the novel.  I will add the powerpoint to this post a little later.  Also, make sure that you are following along with the bellwork, you should have lessons 1-5 completed from the page on this site.  Tomorrow is reading day, make sure you have a novel, as the sub will not be letting you go to the library.

Mr. K

9.5 Understanding the iPods and our Grammar Program

Good morning English 9.5!

Today we are going to start using the iPods, and so we will spend some time going through proper use of them, and some of the apps and capabilities that are available to you.  I will also outline the Bellwork Project so you will be able to start working on your bellwork as you enter the classroom! If all goes well, you will all have a fairly good sense of the class and how it will operate by the end of today.