Welcome to English, Semester II

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second semester. You would have been directed here in your first class with Mr. Keenan.  Is it great to use iPods in class? Well, I think so…

So this is our class space for the semester, available to you 24/7 for all of your educational needs.  What will be on here?

  • Class presentations, notes, and internet links to resources for class
  • Assignment Sheets (I’m not printing them anymore)
  • Interactive posts by class to work with other students in the class and carry on the conversation from the classroom.
  • Whatever else comest o mind

So here’s how this works…I will be creating posts for both of my classes on here, as well as some ‘general information’ posts for the school or that apply to all English students.  All posts for a specific class will have that class listed at the beginning of the title. (for example:  30-2 Othello Readings) Rather than scrolling through the blog looking for all of the posts with your class listed, you can click on the category for your class listed to the left of the blog.  This will bring up only posts that are intended for your class.  Make sense?  I hope so!


What do you think?

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